Volcanoes and Northern Lights

I’ve been to Iceland, but missed the Northern Lights. And this photo from artist James Appleton makes me want to go more.


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What a beautiful network infographic!

Just loaded LinkedIn Maps and really love picking apart all the different clusters and nodes. It’s pretty much a self-interested information geek’s dream. The biggest thing I learned about myself is that I’m connected to lots of people individually and then have a few very dense works.

In the vein of those pieces of tech, apps, and big think pieces out there aimed at getting me to reflect on my thoughts and behavior, I find this mirror into professional connections very interesting.

Check it out for yourself.

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Dancing visually

Along comes an image that captures everything I hold dear in the universe. What I appreciate that Fast Co Design has done is show where the musical influences come from and how they interlope.

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Being a creator – the Chinese view

I am extremely thirsty for the Chinese point of view, especially in terms of creativity and what drives inspiration and creativity there. I’m late to the game on the Creator’s Project, but this is a nice way to get into a hub for creative projects around the world. Here is a story from Ma Yansong.

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There’s a time for dreaming and a time for wacky

Architecture gets a bad rap. Most of the time, people just glaze over when I talk about buildings or what I love about space: no I didn’t put on my monotone voice. In modern US of A, we’ve lost any kind of real conversation, no, care about our environment. Green- tree-loving side or inspirational-makes-you-gasp-walking-down-the-street side or otherwise.

Bam! in Italy recently won a competition on Venice – which as a sidenote, is a very dear city to my heart – and it’s slight sinking problem! Love it or hate it; dreamy, ungrounded, even flippant it’s certainly a discussion.  What do you think?



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Goddard and Typeface!

Goddard was a huge part of my college film-viewing history. There is something about the uncomfortable pause, the visual storytelling and those amazing settings that give his films a taunting quality. The arrival of a site that marries type and Goddard.

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